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07/25/2021Pastor Kyle Huckins Evangelism NOW: Explaining Salvation (FCC 7-25 Sermon Only.mp3)
Sunday Worship Romans 10:1-12
Why we have the four elements of salvation and how to give our witness to others. Sermon
Download FCC 7-25 Sermon Only.mp3
07/18/2021Kyle Huckins Evangelism NOW: Can I Get a Witness? (Kyle Acts 8; 26-40.WAV)
Acts 8:26-40
Download Kyle Acts 8; 26-40.WAV
07/11/2021Kyle Huckins Evangelism NOW: You Are Sent (Kyle Mat 28;18-20.WAV)
Romans 10: 13-21
Download Kyle Mat 28;18-20.WAV
07/04/2021Kyle Huckins Eyeing Eternity While Fighting for America (Kyle 2 Tim 3; 1-17.WAV)
2 Timothy 3: 1-17
Download Kyle 2 Tim 3; 1-17.WAV
06/27/2021Kyle Huckins Christ: First & Our Focus (Kyle 1 Tim 6; 1-16.WAV)
1 Timothy 6: 1-16
Download Kyle 1 Tim 6; 1-16.WAV
06/20/2021Cody Gibbons Galatians Series (Cody Gal 4; 1-7.WAV)
Galatians 4:1-7
Download Cody Gal 4; 1-7.WAV

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